Selling a home?

 Did your last realtor offer to do all this?                        List your home with us and this is what we do.    Guaranteed!    

                                                            Nobody works harder for their clients.  No-body! 

  1.  FREE home inspection by a licensed home inspector.
  2. FREE repair of some agreed upon items found on inspection. *
  3. FREE staging with quality furnishings, etc.
  4. FREE improvements to improve your home’s value such as painting, cleaning, etc. * 
  5. FREE virtual tour and over 20 professional quality photos for your listing.
  6. Frequent open houses, if desired.
  7. Cancel your listing at any time**
  8. Your home marketed on MLS, Zillow,  Trulia and many others.
  9. We pay for a home warranty for your  buyer.  (This makes your home more desirable)
  10. WE  pay for a termite inspection.
  11. WE do free pest inspection and help treat for FREE.
  12. We will help de-clutter your house FREE.
  13.  You don’t get just one realtor, you get two.   

  Buying a home ?   What we do for you:

1.  We provide you the best service to make  sure you get the right home for you    at the best price and terms.

2.   We will help you with home inspections,  termite inspections,  septic inspections, title      company,  mortgage professional,  and more.

3.   For free we will provide a home inspection and your insurance inspections.  (Wind mitigation  and four point inspections)

4.  We will help you with repairs and improvements.  FREE!

*exact amount to be decided between realtor and homeowner.