Did your last realtor offer to do all this?  List your home with us and this is what we do. Guaranteed!   Nobody works harder for their clients.  No-body! 

1.  A FREE home inspection by licensed home inspector including
repair of agreed up on items.  Your sale will go through much easier if
repairs are made and probably sell for more. **
2. FREE  staging with quality furnishings, rugs, paintings, etc.
If you are selling a vacant home we can make it look much better and
sell for MORE.
3. FREE improvements to increase your home’s value and help YOU get
MORE money for your home and sell faster. Examples are: painting
interior or exterior,  landscaping,  powerwashing your roof, driveway,
house, helping you  put things in storage, and more.  **
4. FREE virtual tour and over 20 professional style photos.
5. Frequent open houses if desired.
6. Customized marketing plan.
7. You can cancel your listing at any time
8. We pay half for a home warranty.
  ** to be agreed upon later.
9. You don’t get just one realtor taking care of your sale, you get two! 

And for our buyers:

1. We provide the best service to get you the right home for you and help negotiate the best price and terms for you.

2. Need home inspections, septic tank
inspections, termite inspections, insurance, title company, mortgage
professional, etc.? We will help with all of these.

3. For FREE we will provide a home
inspection and your insurance inspections. (wind mitigation and four
point inspections, if needed. )

4. We will help you with improvements and repairs, for FREE. (we can discuss exact amount of repairs and improvements later)

       Nobody  works harder for their clients than us!  No-body…